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Our Mission

To deliver our best knowledge and skills to the valued customers and help them succeed.

Our Story

Founded in 2021, we are a group of folks living in Boston, who has been working on IAM solutions for more than ten years. Our team comprised of best-in-class IAM engineers and architects and we are passionate about what we do.

With a decade of experiences on various IAM solution designs and implementations at industry level, we have acquired trust from our clients. We work towards delivering our best knowledge and skills to the valued customers, not only from the perspective as a service provider, but also a fulfillment providing values to the customers we serve.

Bin Yang, CISSP, CCSP and CISA,  has helped various fortune 500 customers to achieve their success through years of IAM experiences and high quality services.


Now he is taking one step further to assume the leader role of Boston Identity, hoping to gather a larger group of geeks/rock stars to expand the service scope.


Bin Yang

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Le Deng

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Le Deng, a serial entrepreneur and consultant, has served various fortune 500 customers in the past. He has great experiences and skills in the IAM industry. Before that, he has been a full-stack developer for many years.

He is a huge fan of Jazz music.

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